Stoystown, Pennsylvania

Member of federal advisory commission that selected the Memorial design and the team
that planned the interpretive center at the Memorial.

“From the time we took our oaths 10 years ago, until yesterday when we officially ended our work, we were single-minded in our commitment to fulfilling the federal legislation,” Dr. Brent Glass, Director Emeritus of the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institute, said. “We set the boundaries, we acquired the property, we set out a plan, a vision for the park, we selected a design for the memorial and we built it.”

“None of us wanted to be part of this family and now, 10 years later, none of us want to leave. The legacy of the passengers and crew is secure at this memorial,” Glass said. “Their humanity and passion for life will always be remembered in this beautiful park and in our hearts. And we will always remember the friendship, the trust, the respect and the love that we shared on this remarkable journey.”

—The Daily Collegian, September 11, 2013