"Until now there has never been a guidebook like this by someone with such a background as Brent Glass. He has not only traveled to each and all of the fifty historic sites he describes, but to another hundred or more besides. In lectures he likes to stress “the power of place” and certainly there is that aplenty in the panorama of places to be found in these pages."

David McCullough


"In 50 Great American Places, Brent Glass has combined scholarship about United States history with his passion for preserving our historic sites. I've visited several of the sites in this book. And now, Brent Glass has provided an invitation to add many more great American places to my must-see list."

Laura Bush, former First Lady


"Brent D. Glass's 50 Great American Places is a bountiful treasure trove of essays about sanctified historic sites and cultural landmarks.  It should be required reading for schools across America.  Every page crackles with wisdom and insight. Highly recommended!" 

Douglas Brinkley, professor of history, Rice University